Outsourcing Pick and Pack Services can help your Business Grow!

Are you spending hours fulfilling and shipping orders to your customers? If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with high order volume, then what you need is a reliable pick and pack / fulfilment service.

Using a pick and pack service is an effective way to stay focused on other important aspects of your business. Many small, medium and large companies choose to outsource the tedious task of pick and pack, allowing another company to handle their inventory. In today’s digital world of eCommerce, more and more companies are utilising this type of service, making their business process more efficient and less expensive.

Making a decision to use a fulfilment service needs to be thought through – you need a fulfilment house that’s right for your business. Nonetheless, outsourcing your pick and pack service is a worthwhile decision, and one that will often make your business life much easier.

Challenges of Pick and Pack Fulfilment Service:

A streamlined picking and packing process is not an easy job. If your business is involved with supply chain management, you know how complex and time-consuming storage and distribution can be. Some common challenges faced in order fulfilment and logistic operations are:

  • Inventory must be on-hand, organised and tracked all the times.
  • Proper packaging / right packing material is a must to ensure products are delivered safely to customers.
  • Shipping labels have to be generated and placed correctly on the packages.

The list of challenges can be quite extensive. To overcome these challenges you need physical space, resources and trained personnel to successfully perform good order fulfilment. Whether you are a small company or a medium-sized company with limited resources, operating your own pick and pack is difficult. It can create growth challenges for your business as you may lack adequate space, necessary equipment and also trained manpower to handle large amounts of order processing. The best solution to this dilemma is to use a fulfilment service that takes the hassle out of your order processing. Outsourcing pick and pack service to a trusted fulfilment service provider gives you the freedom to focus on more productive tasks.

Take Advantage of a Pick and Pack Fulfilment Service

Operating your own pick and pack operation can be very costly and time consuming. There is no need to invest in a warehouse if there is an option to outsource order processing to an expert fulfilment service provider. Let’s take a look at some advantages of outsourcing pick and pack services.

  • You avoid the hassle of maintaining your own warehouse and hiring the workforce – and all the costs that go with it e.g. pensions, sick pay, payroll etc.
  • When you outsource pick and pack to a reliable company, you gain the advantage of their experience and expertise.
  • Fulfilment professionals are trained in advanced packing techniques and have all the necessary materials to securely pack and keep your items safe.
  • It brings more efficiency to your business as orders are processed more quickly and accurately.
  • You save money on shipping. Dedicated order fulfilment service providers usually get better shipping rates because they deal with large volume of stock.
  • With your pick and pack needs taken care of, you have more time to focus on core competencies of your business.
  • You enjoy the freedom to scale your business and handle large volumes of orders since you have access to more storage space and an efficient fulfilment service.
  • With a right pick and pack company on board, you can extend your reach to the global audience. Many fulfilment companies have the logistics framework to ship and deliver to any part of the world.

Why BOXstation?
Now you understand why more and more businesses are opting for outsourced order fulfilment. Our flexible pay-as-you-go services offer cost-effective solutions to your eCommerce fulfilment needs. With highly streamlined order processing, BOXstation have been helping businesses increase profits and achieve their potential. Our optimised warehousing and efficient logistics have helped us successfully meet the varying needs of customers for more than two decades now.

We always strive to provide a better customer experience through an efficient supply chain management and better resource utilisation. Choosing BOXstation ensures that your customers receive their orders securely and on time. Let our comprehensive fulfilment services save you both time and money.