Upscaling your business using order fulfilment services

The sole objective of any business owner that sells goods either online, through a shop or both is to drive sales up. To do this, they need an attractive product, effective marketing and the ability to get that item to the consumer fast. However, holding stock is costly and takes up valuable space, which is where order fulfilment services can assist. Below we will discuss a few of the many benefits of outsourcing order fulfilment.

Utilise the latest technology to provide streamlined order fulfilment

A dynamic order fulfilment services company like BOXstation use state-of-the-art technology to ship all of your orders. By using integrated systems, they can pick up orders from your website or ecommerce store and begin the pick and pack process almost instantly to ensure it dispatches on time. Once the item has been shipped, they can provide up to date item tracking and comprehensive inventory management to meet your businesses demands.

Reduce your shipping and operating costs

Thanks to a network of facilities across the UK and the rest of the world we offer very competitive shipping rates. Outsourcing your order fulfilment will almost certainly reduce your shipping costs through bulk distribution discounts. Likewise, by only paying for the storage space you require, you cut back on dead space in large warehouses and reduce operating costs. It allows your business to be more flexible and reactive with the types and volume of goods you sell.

Expand your horizon

By using an order fulfilment company shipping to all four corners of the earth becomes a whole lot easier. Using international frameworks, BOXstation can help you take your business global through the smooth distribution of your goods to any location.