Order fulfilment – how has it changed over time?

Order fulfilment companies do everything from receiving an order from a customer to placing the product in the customer’s hands. If you are not into the order fulfilment process, you may not understand the whole process. Every order fulfilment company operates differently, but the goal doesn’t change. The faster an order can be delivered, the happier a customer is going to be. They pay attention to order processing, product quality, time management and quality service.

Who’s using Order Fulfilment?
All the types of companies need to take care of product delivery, it speeds up the whole process, is cheaper and allows you to focus on other aspects of the business.

How has it changed?
Technology has played a huge part in the development of fulfilment. All clients and businesses have internet usage, and customers can order products from tablets and smart phones. Companies are now able to make use of new order fulfilment tools to satisfy those new needs.

What are the most common decisions that need to be made when fulfilling orders?

  • • Which orders to fulfil.
  • • Where to go in the warehouse to pick items for orders.
  • • Packaging required for an order.
  • • To decide which shipping method should be used.

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