Making packaging more efficient & eco-friendly

With the tons of packaging waste polluting the environment, consumers and companies are becoming more aware about sustainability in the product packaging. We are all looking to use more eco-friendly methods in packaging these days so we can all play our part.

Outsourcing your packaging to BOXstation will ensure that you are in good hands as we continue to improve our packaging solutions and minimise waste.

How well are the goods packaged?

With a boom in this industry, it is essential that your packaging can withstand the roughest of handling. Companys outsourcing their packaging to a fulfilment house not only expect protection of goods only, but also hope eco friendly materials will be used where possible. The more secure and eco-friendly your packaging is, more the chances that your customers will purchase again from you – and you in turn will keep using us.

Options available:

  • Bubble packaging tends to be top of the list because it is cost effective and protects a variety of goods.
  • Foam protective packaging – moulded foams, insulated shipping containers and rolled foam are second in the list. They are biodegradable and hence environmentally friendly.
  • Eco-friendly packaging – Cardboard boxes, geami wrap and eco paper packaging are third on the list. They have a positive impact on the environment and can be recycled.

Consider Your Box Sizes

Considering the correct box sizes for packaging can save money on packaging of the product without affecting the environment. Using the low density cardboard can reduce the weight as well and shipping items together wherever possible is cheaper too.


Materials with efficient processing can increase productivity and reduce labour costs.

Why BOXstation?

At BOXstation, we understand the importance of sustainable packaging for consumers and businesses where ever possible. With our 10,000 sq foot warehouse, we not only securely store your goods, but also deal with orders promptly and effectively. In a nut shell we offer a dependable service at affordable rates.