How BOXstation has adapted to eCommerce challenges

Because of eCommerce stores, consumers have access to technology resulting in shopping expectations that have changed dramatically. eCommerce will to continue to have tremendous growth each year but processing of orders in a timely manner through to delivery are critically important for eCommerce stores. To ensure your eCommerce store keep growing at the same rate, fulfilment centres have to adapt to some major changes imposed by them. BOXstation, a leading order fulfilment house in UK has helped online stores grow their business by processing orders quickly and accurately whilst taking the postage hassle out of their businesses. Here is how BOXstation has helped these eCommerce enterprises.

Better Warehouse

Easy to access warehouse layouts have become an essential part of the fulfilment process, as order volume increases exponentially. Our flexible approach enables us to tailor our order fulfilment services to meet every customer’s individual business needs. You can store stock in our 10,000 square foot, secure warehouse. We also cater for pallets, and have a forward-order facility. Your account manager will be on hand to oversee your packages and will help you with:

  • Secure Storage
  • Rapid Order Fulfilment
  • Free Online Access
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Assembly & Kitting
  • Express Delivery Worldwide

Managing inventory
Poor inventory management causes a bad shopping experience and give your online store some negative feedback. You need systems in place to handle returns, update new stock and ship new products the same day where possible. BOXstation is a full service order fulfilment company where entire process is managed for you, allowing you time to concentrate on other issues.

Packing Challenges
Global shipping relies on good packing / packaging in order to reduce the amount of returns / dissatisfied customers. Imagine how upset the consumer will be after he sees a damaged product! With years of experience in packing products in different shapes and sizes, BOXstation gets your products delivered quickly and carefully to give you the maximum ROI.