Publishers – Should they Outsource Order Fulfilment Services?

When we talk about order fulfilment for publishers, we are referring to the process of getting books shipped from the warehouse and delivered to customers in a fast and efficient manner. As an order fulfilment service provider, we understand the publishing industry is changing rapidly and E-books are putting pressure on printed books. Consequently the publisher should focus on production and marketing and outsource fulfilment services to an expert in the warehousing industry to improve efficiency through specialisation and gain a competitive edge.

Cost Driven Reasons
When publishers outsource they reduce costs. Typically, a publisher who performs their own warehousing function is paying a premium of 20%-30% for service, whereas a third party warehouse can help you save the equivalent due to economies of scale, partly by reducing overall shipping charges. Let us understand this with a simple example:

Suppose you own your own warehouse / storage facility. The days you have no orders, you are paying for a service you do not need. Equally, you may be paying for staff to process orders so why not reduce your costs and only pay when the service is needed?

Risk management
Outsourcing fulfilment services can improve risk management for your company. Purpose built facilities are better equipped for health and safety than ‘normal’ sites. They should also include insurance and free up your time to concentrate on more pressing business matters.

A relationship with a good fulfilment service partner will improve your credibility and your image. We all want the ability to do business with successful partners. When you associate yourself with an industry leader, such as BOXstation / Ad Hoc Storage Ltd, you are positioning your company as a quality business.

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