Order fulfilment: pricing model and FAQs

When an eCommerce merchant wants to use a fulfilment house for their order fulfilment services, they have questions and queries to make sure it is the right move for their business. We are happy for our clients to ask as many questions as they want because that’s the BOXstation way. For our clients’ convenience, we discuss warehouse selection and the pricing model of our warehouse.

Pricing model variations
Each fulfilment house has its own pricing model. Some of them have everything included in their price like technical support, shipment charges, boxes, customer support, etc. and some fulfilment companies (like BOXstation) only charge for the components that you need. We are totally transparent and do not charge for services you do not need.

Try to get an invoice sample
Why not ask us for a sample invoice? This will show you exactly what we charge for and you will know what to expect. We have nothing to hide!

Other facts to consider
Do your homework! Will pricing vary depending on volume? Is there a minimum order size and if so is that measured per day, week, month or year? Do we have to sign a contract? What sort of technology are you using for our order processing? Can we track our records?

So these are some few questions one should go through before selecting a warehouse for their order fulfilment. If you have questions like this or anything else for that matter, please phone us and our customer support executives will help you out.