Why use a third-party Pick and Pack service?

Whether you are operating a small eBay business out of your garage, or a small to medium enterprise from an industrial unit, pay as you go pick and pack services can help your business cut costs and grow profits.

Product distribution is costly and time-consuming

Operating an area to store, manage, pick, pack and dispatch products takes a lot of space and time. It can be challenging for a small business to utilise warehouse space efficiently leading to expensive operating costs. By outsourcing pick and pack services to BOXstation, you only pay for the goods that we store, pack and dispatch for you, allowing you to invest your time and capital in other areas to grow your business.

It can be customised to your needs

At BOXstation, we pick and pack for all different types of products from high-tech items to literature fulfilment. We offer flexible solutions to our customers that including sending out your goods with packaging and labels emblazoned with your companies branding.

Our expert staff can also provide product assembly and kitting services for products like health and beauty gift sets. Being able to delegate activities like these allows you the time to focus on the core areas to expand your business.

Fast, traceable and secure shipment

As soon as an order hits your online store, our web-to-warehouse link will create an almost instantaneous pick note. Once the item has been picked and packed according to your specification, it is dispatched immediately. By working with a third-party pick and pack company, it delivers peace of mind that orders will ship on time to create an excellent experience for your customer. And in the event of any problems, your assigned account manager will be on hand to help resolve any queries.