How our pick and pack service works

Over the last twenty-five years, BOXstation has developed the skills and gained the necessary experience to design and deliver a flexible pick and pack service to fulfil your customer’s orders efficiently and effectively.

How our pick and pack service works

Once we have your goods stocked in our fully secure, ten thousand square foot warehouse, our state of the art web-to-warehouse link will alert us whenever an order is placed. We then pick the goods from their location and package them in the most cost-efficient manner. Irrespective of the size or volume of the order, our process ensures all orders are dealt with in a timely fashion and despatched immediately.

Tailor-made solutions

We can offer bespoke pick and pack solutions for customers no matter the size, weight or volume. Our experience and well-planned operations enable us to deliver a great deal of flexibility in order fulfilment. Alongside our core pick and pack service, we also provide several other benefits.


If the branding changes or you update any aspect of your labels, our team can take care of it by expertly relabelling all of your goods held in stock.

Promotional literature

If your goods require any special wrapping, stamping, or literature placement, we can create a bespoke solution for you.


Sometimes goods can be damaged in transit and need fixing before you can put them back out for sale. Our team of experts can handle all aspects of reworks to ensure the goods are like new.

Returns capability

Our warehouse is capable of handling and processing any return as well as any subsequent inspections and reworks.