Advantage of Order Fulfilment Services

At BOXstation, we squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of all the systems and processes we use to provide the ultimate in order fulfilment services to offer you the most competitive rates. We have over twenty-five years of experience in inventory management, warehousing and storage, and we use all of our knowledge to deliver bespoke, accurate, flexible and comprehensive order fulfilment services so your business can grow.

Dedicated account manager

With our order fulfilment services, you will be allocated an account manager at the beginning who will handle all aspects of your fulfilment solution.

Secure storage

Your goods will be securely stored in our ten thousand square foot warehouse and housed in state of the art warehouse racking.

Online access

We will provide you with online access to view your account, look at your products’ current inventory status, and more.

Speedy order fulfilment

Thanks to our advanced web-to-warehouse link, we can receive orders as they are placed and prepare and pack them for immediate despatch, no matter the order’s size, weight, or volume.

Detailed reporting

We use comprehensive inventory management reports to ensure your stock is always on hand whenever a customer order is received.

Assembly and kitting

Suppose any of your items require prior assembly before shipping or need to be put together in a specific kit. In that case, we can offer bespoke order fulfilment solutions for precisely this need.

Global express delivery

If you want to expand your business operations overseas, we can provide express delivery to anywhere in the world and track it the whole way.

Contact our team today for more information if you want to take advantage of our highly competitive and expert order fulfilment services.