Reduce Packaging Costs for Goods with Order Fulfilment

If you are into shopping business, then you are very much aware of the cost of packaging involved in the shipment of the product. As for e-commerce companies the doorstep delivery for the product is a prime concern, therefore overlooking the packaging supplies is not at all possible. Every order that has been placed for delivery needs to be packed and dropped safely to the customer’s place. If you take up the entire process right from order placement, selection of goods, storage, packing and delivering yourself, it may seem a costly affair but with the effective use of order fulfilment services you may lower the average cost of per order to some extent. Let us know how:

Use of standard stock box – The most effective way of packaging is to use the standard size stock box that is purchased on bulk for various items. These could be used for packing the normal sized product giving it a standard fit with minimal spacing. It reduces the cost spent over customised boxes manufactured to pack up items with varied shape or sizes. Just fill the empty space of packaged stock box with leftover or useless paper material to give a perfect fitting to a product packing.

Place the bulk orders – Due to regular shopping retail, it is evident that you require having a packaging material available in full swing. Therefore, it is better that you opt for bulk order packaging material that automatically reduces the packaging cost for the goods. If you feel you have good turnover for the purchase of items, fill up your warehouse with advance box supply on monthly or yearly basis. This makes you tension free about the packaging and shipping of the goods in untoward situations.

Adopt Simple Packing Techniques – If you wish to lower down the packaging cost of boxes, then it is best to adopt simple and basic outlay to the box design. You may get a company logo printed over the boxes with other branding styles but that is only when you have the good money backup to invest in the business. Try to use the recycled material for boxes manufactured for package purposes.

Other Packing Options – There are several ways to make the shipment for the product. In case you are not okay with ridged boxes, try out poly bags, rugged mailers that seem out an inexpensive source for product delivery. It is best to use such material to deliver small items or clothes that reduce the shipping cost extensively through weighing less and free from the constraint of customised packing.

On the whole, reducing the packaging cost for the goods and services entirely depends upon the company, it is best to consult the available order fulfilment services giving you the exclusive option to it.

We at Boxstation, help our clients to cut down their frivolous packing expenses merely by opting for reasonable solution to the shipment and delivery of all kinds of big and small products. Just call us once to check out the lucrative deals to package boxes and other materials.